The Basic Rules of Polo

 The following outlines some of the fundamental rules that ensure the game is played in a safe manner for both horse and rider.

The black player is crossing the "line of the ball" if he continues in that direction, and committing a dangerous foul.


When travelling in the same direction the black player may draw level with white and then force him across the "line" to take possession of the ball without committing a foul.

The black player may move in parallel with the line and play a shot - providing he can do so without interfering with whites mount or causing him to check back.


Two players approaching a ball from opposite directions in the open must both give way to the ball on their right side.

When two players are approaching a ball in the open from different directions, the player approaching at the least angle to the line of the ball has the right of way.


It is forbidden to hit across the legs of a pony.

The elbow may not be used when riding off.


A player may hook an opponent's stick but never across a pony or above the shoulder.

 For a complete copy of the Australia Polo Council Rule Book, click here.